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Hi to everybody!!
Hope you've had a great weekend.

Did you do something to welcome the Spring? 
As you must know, the last Wednesday 20th March was the Spring Equinox. We thought it would be nice to do some kind of celebration so we went with a few friends to this old house in the middle of the mountains to do our own Equinox celebration.

First thing we welcomed the new season

I love all these yellow flowers
After our moment of welcoming the Spring we deserved some nice we did some cooking 

We made fire as inside the old house it wasn't very warm

We cooked some "calçots", it's a kind of onion that you cook in the fire and then you eat them with a special sauce, just delicious, if you ever wanna try some you need to come here to Catalonia :)

This was the house for our celebration
If you wanna share any Spring moments?? Feel free to post any comment, it will be more than welcome.
Wishing you a very nice week See you next time!
Lluisa xxx

Making bread

Hi to everybody!!
Hope all of you are doing well.

The last Friday we went with a few friends to another's friends house to make bread...yes I know that making bread it's nothing like amazing but it was making bread the traditional way with a proper wood oven...FANTASTIC!! 

It's just wonderful, the energy of an old house, the fire, the wood... being with nice people, sharing...I don't know I think that we should think about doing more stuff with more people, like a community, you know what I mean? I think it's very good and important as a human beings doing different things together, well thats just what I think or feel... Let me put some more pics, hoping that you enjoy them :)

Andy, my partner of life doing sticks for the fire

Working on the dough

I really think that it is a bit of a therapeutic thing :)

Also working on the arms...

Nearly ready to go in...

And finally: OUR BREAD!
It was a fantastic experience, honestly it's something that  I could  recommend as a good exp…


Hi to everybody!!
Hope all you are having a good time wherever you are. 

Are you feeling the Spring? Here for a few days has been like proper Spring, the only thing I wanted was being outdoors, enjoying the walks under the sunshine, and seeing the first signs of Spring.

But the rain and cold are back and I don't really fancy that much being outside so....

I made a few granny squares a time ago and they were left doing nothing, so today I have decided to do something with them. Without to know what to do, I have started joining them until I had a square 

When Iv'e looked I have decided to make a cushion with it. Yes I think that its gonna look nice. I will post more pics of the cushion once finished.
I don't know whether it will be soon or not because Ilianna (my baby girl) is teething and though she really is a brave baby and not a crier at all, she demands mummy all the time, which I do with all my love. By the way, does somebody know if is normal a bit of diarrhea during the teet…


Hi to everybody!  And today very specially to all women around the world because today is our day, because we are worth it, special, beautiful, more than ever we need to be together as one. 

Today while I am crocheting the shawl I am working on, I will try to connect with all the creativity of all of you, because together as  women we can create a better world.
Have a great day wherever you are  See you soon!
Much love Lluisa xxxx


Hi to everybody, hope you all are well.

Can you smell the spring in the air??
Here today is grey and the forecast says that is going to rain for at least three days, but is not very cold and to be honest is a very welcomed rain.

But this last weekend has been sunny and quite mild, you could almost smell the spring in the air so...we have enjoyed a couple of nice walks.

In this weather it's very typical to feel warm during the day and more cold during the evenings. For that I thought to crochet a shawl, it's perfect for cool evenings.
I started this one first the beginning is a half granny square and then just carry on, it's so easy to do and it grows so quick. It is so quick that I made another one :)

I did enjoy making them. On this one I chose purple which is my favorite color and black because I think that they match so well.
And that has been my week, this one that we are starting today is gonna be a bit more grey so...I will crochet more if I can :)
Have a great week wherever …