Friday, 13 October 2017


Sometimes this thick and dark energy comes into my head. Everything becomes heavy, foggy and chaotic. It can be triggered by a bad situation, an argument or simply because my Moon is about to come and I cannot hold anymore all of what I don't like in my life.

My solar plexus seems to be something between a washing machine and a hammer, it feels heavy and closed like when something it's about to explote because it's so full that it needs to release garbage, emotions, unexpressed tears, unspoken words. ..

And I feel so broken inside that at moments it feels as if I was gonna just die unable to hold myself anymore.
And it really feels as if everything was dying in me and around me. I feel so vulnerable, little and scared that I just want to lose control, let everything go, surrender. ..
I let myself drop, fall into the darkness of my own miseries. I allow that darkness to wrap me and push me down into the deep hole, as only there can I heal myself, only there can I get through the darkness and find my light once again.

Wishing you all a very nice weekend πŸ’œ
Luisa ★

Friday, 6 October 2017


I went into the wild, I could hear my soul better in there.

Sometimes you need to break your routine and go away, where you have never been and find yourself in the unknown and wild.
Sometimes you need to fill your lungs with new air and find the direction of your dreams.

Hope you are all doing well, there is some chaos going on in the world, so find that place in your chest where all is pure and calm and bring it out as often as you can. Keep or try to be in the vibration of love for you and for all.
So be it 🌟

Have a lovely weekend!
Peace and love for you πŸ’—

Luisa xoxo

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Evening walks 

Old buildings full of history, beauty and life.

I love heather πŸ’—

Nothing like the moors to give you a wider perspective
of everything.

Have you noticed that Autumn is just around the corner?
Although I love all the seasons and what they bring into my days, my moods, my feelings, my meditations. ... but there is something about Autumn that makes me feel very good.
It's a mix of a nostalgic feelings on one side with a cozy and homey touch very nourishing and comfortable.
I love to observe Nature and its rhythms and I always try to apply them into my life.
Autumn brings you the opportunity of letting things go, as the trees let their leaves go in a smooth and calm flow, the more introspective mood that this season brings with the cooler and shorter days can help you to be more ready for practicing some meditation to see and feel what your soul has got to show you.

How do you feel with this new season that's about to start?
Are you ready for it or you are still reluctant to let Summer days go?

Let me know if you feel like it please, it's always a pleasure seeing you around this little place of mine 😊

Blessings to you all ☆
Love&Light ૐ

Luisa xoxo

Thursday, 31 August 2017


Do you always remember to be grateful?
It's not an easy thing to do as we can often easily slip into those things that are not the way we would like them to be, and then we tend to feed more the -"Oh poor me"- forgetting about all the little things that make our life worth it.
So today I am going to do a post about things I am thankful for so when I get into the "poor me" I can always come back here to remind myself that yes, there are plenty of things in my life to make me be grateful.

So thankful to have them as my family. .. my tribe 😍
I am grateful to be part of the beauty of this World 🌎

Thankful to my girl for choosing me as her mama and thus bursting my heart with unconditional love forever πŸ’•
Forever thankful to be able to call him my man, my lover, my friend. . πŸ’“

So thankful to the magic of the Sunset as it is food for my soul πŸ’›

Thanks to Nature where I can lose myself and find my Soul πŸ’š

Thanks to my body, the temple of my Soul and the one which allows me to be here and live my life fully πŸ’ͺπŸ’œ

Just by writing these things down I am already realizing how many other things are there for me to be grateful so, it will definitely be more Thankful/Grateful posts to come.
What about you?
Let me know if you want, please.

Lots of love to you all πŸ’—

Luisa xoxo

Sunday, 27 August 2017


More than four months since the last time I was here 😱
How did that happened? no idea. ..
But I didn't forget about you at all.
It might happen that the long Summer days keeps you more outdoors and all them things that are part of the ritual of life, seems to fall into the Winter shadows becoming just a memory.
But today I am back and it feels good.
Our Summer hasn't been as we expected it to be but I am not gonna complain, I am just going to share a few bits of it with you and I am going to keep focus on dreaming what I want in my life and how I want it.

Feeding the cows from the farm where we buy our Guernsey raw milk πŸ„

Resting in the middle of one of our walks 🌞

Although I don't really like the idea of animals in captivity I couldn't resist to take a pic of this beauty.😍

She said she was making nests for the birds πŸ’•

Some seaside time as well.πŸ’™

Every August I celebrate another cycle around the Sun πŸŽ‰

I love a good Sunset✨

I find them magic ✨

I attended this workshop with Brooke Medicine-Eagle, quite an interesting woman.

For some reason this picture of my daughter makes me feel a bit emotional as I see her growing strong and more independent every day, but I feel very proud at the same time 😍 

Avebury Stone circle

As a tree lover I think this is quite stunning, all them roots interconnected makes you feel and understand life itself. πŸ’š

They really are massive 😲

Well I hope you are enjoying your time whatever you are doing.
Remember to be aware of every single moment of your day. .. if you can πŸ˜‰

With love πŸ’œ
Luisa xoxo

Sunday, 2 April 2017


Hi there my lovely people!!
How are you doing?
Around here we are having a few days with such beautiful weather and it has been quite dry, sunny and warm for the beginning of April.

And you know what? I don't know if it's due to this nice weather or because I feel better in myself when the days are long and brighter, my creativity
is very strong these days so, I am crocheting quite a lot among other things but crochet is the most I am doing.

My beautiful Mandala πŸ’—
The same Mandala with some flowers 🌷
Nice way to recycle an old jar of honey πŸ‘
A case for my phone 😊

Are you a crafty person?
I have always liked being around yarn, I found it very pleasing the whole process: while you are making the item or garment and then the satisfaction of the end result.
And what about enjoying yourself between lots of different yarns, colours, textures. .. aaah quite an experience πŸ˜‰

And if it wasn't enough just the pleasure of crocheting or knitting adds its benefits and the whole thing becomes perfect.
~Reduces stress
~Eating disorder management
~Chronic pain management
~Improves memory 
~Positive impact on depression and anxiety 
~The list goes on and on

You can read an interesting article

 And I don't know if you know about chakras
And how they regulate our energy?
What I do know is that any activity involving yarn, weave, knitting, crochet. .. it is directly connected to our second or sacral chakra.
It's the energetic centre which holds our creativity, it make sense now, isn't it?
So if you wanna know a bit more about the sacral chakra you can find more information 

And as this Sunday ends taking away another week, I wish you the best for the new week ahead πŸ’š

See you all soon 

Luisa xoxo

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Hello my lovelies!
How are you?
Hope the end of March is leaving you with a feel of hope, creativity and a good desire for the new to come.

My March has been quite nice and although the weather could have been brighter, it was a better and worth it job to keep brighter myself πŸ˜‰

March around here brought a few different things, the end of the cardigan I was knitting for my girl, purple flowers with the new season which we have just started, rocking pools adventures. .. but the most special and important thing was Ilianna's 5th birthday. ..

Five years!!!!!!!
Where did the time go? 😯
I just can't believe that she is already 5.
When I look at her i cannot see a trace of baby anymore, just a girl who is growing too fast, a beautiful, strong  girl with a strong personality as well, who so far has taught me a few life lessons which have made a positive impact in my life.
I like to observe her when she is not aware of it, I love to watch how she plays differents games just by using her imagination, how explores her body discovering new different ways to jump higher, run faster or speak louder. ..
It is a beautiful and important adventure for me to allow her to be free to discover the world at her pace and rhythm, so is for that that we have decided to home school her and thus she is free to find her way through life. We of course will respect any future decision she might take about this, but one thing is very important and clear for us, if she wants to go to school we will try and find a more respectful one that the mainstream system offers. At the moment she is very young so there is no need for rushing things, just enjoy and play a lot.

 I have never being the most patient person in the world but I often found myself slowing down my rhythm so I can allow her to deal with her emotions.
I am not the best mother of the world neither, but only the Great Spirit and the Goddess know how hard do I try every day to be the best for her.
And i fail, I certainly do and I cry as well but then I forgive myself, because through my bad moments and vulnerability I allow her to see what life is all about.

So yes, five years ago my body was opened up to welcome Earth side this beautiful soul who became my daughter making me feel the most grateful person in the world with such an honour. 

And the light of a beautiful Sunset leaves me with a deep feeling of gratitude for the tribe that together, we are creating.
Because we are far from perfect, but we try our best to be always nice, honest and kind to ourselves and others.

How has been your March so far?

See you all very soon 😘

Keep dreaming πŸ’œ

Luisa xoxo


Sometimes this thick and dark energy comes into my head. Everything becomes heavy, foggy and chaotic. It can be triggered by a bad situatio...