Thursday, 27 September 2018


What means Autumn for you and which is the impact of it in your life?
For me Autumn or Mabon time it is a blessing, is the chance to slow down and take a deep breath.
Do a balance of the past few months, evaluate a bit how did I plant my seeds in Spring and how the harvest of Summer went. ..

It makes me realise how lucky I am because I have a path to walk, people to walk it with. .. all the love I have in my life. ... the good health and the choices I can always make to improve it when isn't that good. ..
family with everything that that entails. .. even the not so good moments. ..
This time of year always brings quite of a melancholy but the kind that makes you feel good.

But besides all the inner work and awareness of everything in my life and the symbolism of Autumn in my journey. ... Autumn is a lot more than that. ..

Autumn is. ..
Mid morning or afternoon walks in the woods or forest enjoying the colour palette that this season brings.
The cooler breeze on your face. .. I just really love it 😊

We love getting out in nature as much as we can always, even when is really cold.
As  homeschool parents, nature with the different seasons brings a lot of stuff for our girl to learn and she (at the moment) loves being out and ask lots of questions to daddy- who loves to patiently answer all of them- .
And she loves to learn things about the trees, animals. .. and how everything works.
Nature is the perfect environment for me and my little tribe, there is not a better
place for us to be πŸ’š

If one word would have to define Autumn, in my personal opinion that would be cozyness.
Days getting shorter, air getting crispier, hot cups of coffee/tea with good company, Sunday afternoon old movies or a good book with a very good story. ..
I do like cozy stuff, and old movies, books. .. good stories. .. and very good company. .. late night conversations. ..

Yes, I open my arms, my heart and my soul to this season and I tune in with everything about it πŸπŸ’“

Here  you can find a bit of information if you are interested in knowing a little bit more about Mabon.

Happy Autumn/Mabon to everyone

Lluisa xx

Thursday, 20 September 2018


It has really been way too long since the last time I was in here. .. and I have to say that I have missed it.
You always think about creating a post, writing a few things down ( and believe me, there is so many things I could share. ..)
But sometimes I am just lazy, sometimes I get lost scrolling down on Facebook, Instagram. ... or sometimes my day has just been too hard or emotional for me to even find the words to describe anything. ..
But it really is quite a therapeutic feeling to share how you feel, what are you doing or what is your favourite song at the moment. .. and you only realise it when you begin to type.

Because as soon as you start thinking what are you gonna share or which are the words you are going to use to start the post, so many different things comes to your mind and you start to remember all them little things, the words, the actions. .. and a feeling of gratitude fills your heart and soul.

How was your summer, other than hot?
For me a catalan girl used to Mediterranean summers and who now lives in England, was amusing to be able to go and swim in lakes and rivers.
It has really been quite a summer for the UK, short on rain and soooo high on temperatures. It was even shocking to see the landscape normally so green losing its colour and freshness.
And although it has been nice on one side on the other has been a hard one.
For many different reasons we found ourselves struggling to find a proper place to live in.
And though I am not going to share many details now, I have to tell you that some days were under a lot of stress, fear, uncertainty. .. but at the end a lot of gratefulness fills our hearts because if something we learnt it's TRUST.
Even when you are in a dark place always think that there is a solution, a light at the end, someone ready to give you a hand. .. so TRUST. .. πŸ™

Hope your summer has been a good one and that you have so many things to feel grateful for.
Hope to see  you all very soon.

Lluisa πŸ’œ xxx

Sunday, 31 December 2017


We are ending another year that might leave us with the feeling of not have done everything we wanted to do or achieve.
We will think of some of the things we thought were meant to happen. .. but they didn't 
We might feel bad about it, blame on others or blame on situations, but that will just create heaviness in our hearts that won't allow us to go forward in peace with ourselves.

Embrace what did happen and what it didn't with love and acceptance, by doing it you will free yourself of sorrow and heaviness.

Feed your soul with all the love and the laughter. .. the sunsets and the Full Moons.
Take all them with you to this New Year,
 but take also the hard moments as they will make your soul grow wise.
Take the lessons you have learnt as they will make you feel good when facing new ones.
And keep on dreaming and following your dreams even the craziest ones, that is your soul's purpose.

So I will close this 2017 with acceptance of what it didn't happen and faith for all the good things and also the lessons that 2018 will bring to me and my tribe.
And I wish for you all the best and lots of love, laughter and happiness πŸ’—

Luisa xoxo

Friday, 13 October 2017


Sometimes this thick and dark energy comes into my head. Everything becomes heavy, foggy and chaotic. It can be triggered by a bad situation, an argument or simply because my Moon is about to come and I cannot hold anymore all of what I don't like in my life.

My solar plexus seems to be something between a washing machine and a hammer, it feels heavy and closed like when something it's about to explote because it's so full that it needs to release garbage, emotions, unexpressed tears, unspoken words. ..

And I feel so broken inside that at moments it feels as if I was gonna just die unable to hold myself anymore.
And it really feels as if everything was dying in me and around me. I feel so vulnerable, little and scared that I just want to lose control, let everything go, surrender. ..
I let myself drop, fall into the darkness of my own miseries. I allow that darkness to wrap me and push me down into the deep hole, as only there can I heal myself, only there can I get through the darkness and find my light once again.

Wishing you all a very nice weekend πŸ’œ
Luisa ★

Friday, 6 October 2017


I went into the wild, I could hear my soul better in there.

Sometimes you need to break your routine and go away, where you have never been and find yourself in the unknown and wild.
Sometimes you need to fill your lungs with new air and find the direction of your dreams.

Hope you are all doing well, there is some chaos going on in the world, so find that place in your chest where all is pure and calm and bring it out as often as you can. Keep or try to be in the vibration of love for you and for all.
So be it 🌟

Have a lovely weekend!
Peace and love for you πŸ’—

Luisa xoxo

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Evening walks 

Old buildings full of history, beauty and life.

I love heather πŸ’—

Nothing like the moors to give you a wider perspective
of everything.

Have you noticed that Autumn is just around the corner?
Although I love all the seasons and what they bring into my days, my moods, my feelings, my meditations. ... but there is something about Autumn that makes me feel very good.
It's a mix of a nostalgic feelings on one side with a cozy and homey touch very nourishing and comfortable.
I love to observe Nature and its rhythms and I always try to apply them into my life.
Autumn brings you the opportunity of letting things go, as the trees let their leaves go in a smooth and calm flow, the more introspective mood that this season brings with the cooler and shorter days can help you to be more ready for practicing some meditation to see and feel what your soul has got to show you.

How do you feel with this new season that's about to start?
Are you ready for it or you are still reluctant to let Summer days go?

Let me know if you feel like it please, it's always a pleasure seeing you around this little place of mine 😊

Blessings to you all ☆
Love&Light ૐ

Luisa xoxo


What means Autumn for you and which is the impact of it in your life? For me Autumn or Mabon time it is a blessing, is the chance to slow d...