Friday, 22 February 2019


There is millions of words written about love and so many different ways to love and be loved. .. so I am not gonna write about love, instead I am gonna write about Andy my love.
He is my love but he isn't mine as love as I understand it does not possess you, love makes you free.
Free to love in the most beautiful way,
a way that is far from perfect as perfection doesn't exist in any way. .. so better stop looking for the perfect love and look for the genuine one.

And how do you know when love is genuine?
I believe that everyone has to find what their truth is and then be honest with themselves.
When almost nine years ago my journey with Andy began I didn't know that I was about to discover what love is all about and not in the "happy flowers" way but in a more raw, beautiful and imperfect way.
The way that has brought us here at this moment in time with all the love, all the burdens and ugly moments, all the laughs and tears, dreams and nightmares. .. 

When I look at him I feel proud of myself and proud of who we are together with our little tribe.
So in love with him and us as a family.
One of the most important things for me is, that when I look at him I can still be myself, I don't have to pretend to be perfectly beautiful with a perfect body, although for me all the bodies are perfect and beautiful because they explain who we are and what we have been through without having to hide anything away, and this is something that Andy has taught me, to be who I am and be proud of  the whole me with the light and passion, the shadows and the drama and all the demons that scare the shit out of me. .. in my body. So when I look at him I wanna be alive in a life far from perfect, I wanna be alive in our life.

I walk my path besides him and that makes me feel happy and scared at the same time, as I can't help but feel so comfortable next to him that the thought of him disappearing makes me shake to the core and that is my vulnerability.

Being in love with Andy was meant to happen as our souls have travel through lives and eras before, and we know each other beyond what our minds can comprehend.
So every time we have a fight, argument or disagreement, our souls remain very, very close to each other so the words that we might say when in anger, frustration or pure exasperation cannot reach that unadulterated energy that we are together, and so them words  can get lost and forgotten and cause no trouble within us.

So very far from perfect we are and yet I couldn't think of a better place to spend my life.

Just over a week ago was Valentine's day, a day to celebrate Love and for some to make profit in the name of Love.
Andy did give me flowers and a lovely card. .. I forgot I really forgot to buy anything for him. .. and I cried because I had forgotten, but he cuddled me with a smile and those bright, beautiful blue eyes and told me not to worry. ..
So today I am writing about him with the same care, love and honour I know he feels for me.
To always, even in the darkest moments be able to celebrate LOVE πŸ’“

Eternally grateful πŸ™


Thursday, 15 November 2018


In modern days some might laugh and make fun out of the idea of the domestic aspect of life.
Yes, that side where we find laundry, dishes to wash and a few other  things that usually come with a negative connotation, due I think the way it was a few years back. And don't get me wrong, I do understand it because it was for so many, many years that domestic chores were only linked to you if you were a woman, a man wouldn't even dream of getting involve in it, and not always in a lack of interest but because people would laugh and make fun out of them. 
So that would only be your reality if you was a woman, with not much more to do or to say out of it.

Women were mostly seen as another piece of nice furniture and it was their priority to serve their husbands and look "pretty"for them so they could be more attentive to them, and so proud of the good wife they have married into. ..
And some women were extremely happy and content with their reality, which in my opinion isn't that bad if it was their choice, because we all are here to create our perfect life and if for some that was it, is not up to me to judge it.
But a lot had to change because for some other women that same reality was an everyday nightmare. .. a real prison.

But as often happens, we tend to think that if something has to change it is because everything about it is negative.
And in this particular case wasn't really that way because at the end of the day we all have to have somewhere half decent to live, we  wanna create a cozy space that make us feel safe and comfortable.
And I think as well that the place where you live in has to be taken care of, as it is a reflection of your inner being.
A place which we can call it HOME. .. a place where we can live with our family, on our own or whatever it is. ..

So to me the only thing that needed to be changed or broken was the link between household and domestic chores and women.
And of course the main aspect to be erased was the image of women as simple furniture, without too much or often nothing to say in society.
And I think we have reached that point, as nowadays women are not only allowed indoors having no rights. .. Now we can do anything we want, we have more freedom.
So my thoughts or feelings on this fact is, that if we are free to do whatever we want not only by being women or men but just human beings, wanting to take care of the place where we live should be a choice that comes without labels.
The way we choose to live it's something personal and a reflection of who we are, not comparable to any other.

I personally love knitting and crochet and although I know that these are things that at the moment are quite trendy, I remember being a teenager and not daring to share it with some of my friends  because I knew they would laugh at me.


Hanging laundry it's one of my favourite things to do within the domestic label.
I love taking my time and following an order on how to hang it.
Sometimes I feel like I go into a meditative state of mind when I am doing it.

So yes, I do love creating a beautiful space for me and my family.
I like taking care of the place where we live, I like too to buy nice cups, tea pots and much more. ..
I don't like at all doing the washing up, I hate dusting. ..
I am not always inspired to cook, the main person doing that here at home is my partner, he is an amazing cook.
We love taking care of each other at home and we don't label any chores by sexuality, we just do what needs to be done and if isn't done that day it can be done next by whoever does it.

Well, this was a little thought that was in my head today and I just wanted to share it, to put it out of my head and see how it feels or how it looks. .. hope I have explained myself clear enough and you can understand and hope that you like it, or not. .. it's up to you πŸ˜‰

See you soon!

Lluisa xoxo

Saturday, 10 November 2018


I had always had this special feeling for Autumn, something about the smell in the air and the colour changing in mountains and forest. ... 
But it is since I have been living in the UK that this feeling has changed and become a real passion for Autumn its colours and everything related to it.
One of my favourite things to do is to go for walks in nature and take lots of photos while I keep taking deep breaths in my intention to savour that deep smell. I could really say that if I close my eyes and let my imagination to run wild and free, this autumnal fragrance could take me to worlds full of magic and fairies, pixies. ...
I love the colour of the light in this season and I always take lots of photos trying to capture it.

Autumn comes whispering with dancing branches and old songs, reminding us that nothing stays forever and that no matter where you are in your life, things will always change.
So as the trees allow the winds with no resistance to shake their branches making all the leaves to fall, we have to be willing to let go of the old knowing, as the trees know with no doubt, that new beginnings will arise in the horizon. No matter how good we think a situation can be, if is no longer meant to be in our life we have to let it go, trusting that as the trees will have new green leaves next Spring, we will have new opportunities to live.

But for us this Autumn wasn't all about letting go. ..
The last October the 20th we welcomed new life into this world in the form of six healthy puppies that our dog Iona brought to life.

This was the first puppy to arrive, a healthy female πŸ’—

It is really amazing and emotional being in the presence of the birth of new life, no matter if human or other species. .. being in that very first moment of a life entering this reality it is for me, the most spiritual experience ☆

We ended up with three beautiful females - which curiously are the three black ones -
and three beautiful boys.

Six beautiful and healthy puppies.

So three weeks have already gone since they were born and although I know we cannot keep them all. .. I know I am gonna struggle a lot when the day for them to go arrives 😒
We will make sure that they go with people that loves and look after them as good as we do but still ..... I love them all as they are all different and nice in their own way. .. ( sigh )

They are so adorable. .. 😍

Do you have any pet?
Let me know what your experience is if you fancy by commenting below.

Hope that Autumn is treating you well and you are enjoying the coziness of this season.

See you all very soon!

Lluisa xx

Thursday, 27 September 2018


What means Autumn for you and which is the impact of it in your life?
For me Autumn or Mabon time it is a blessing, is the chance to slow down and take a deep breath.
Do a balance of the past few months, evaluate a bit how did I plant my seeds in Spring and how the harvest of Summer went. ..

It makes me realise how lucky I am because I have a path to walk, people to walk it with. .. all the love I have in my life. ... the good health and the choices I can always make to improve it when isn't that good. ..
family with everything that that entails. .. even the not so good moments. ..
This time of year always brings quite of a melancholy but the kind that makes you feel good.

But besides all the inner work and awareness of everything in my life and the symbolism of Autumn in my journey. ... Autumn is a lot more than that. ..

Autumn is. ..
Mid morning or afternoon walks in the woods or forest enjoying the colour palette that this season brings.
The cooler breeze on your face. .. I just really love it 😊

We love getting out in nature as much as we can always, even when is really cold.
As  homeschool parents, nature with the different seasons brings a lot of stuff for our girl to learn and she (at the moment) loves being out and ask lots of questions to daddy- who loves to patiently answer all of them- .
And she loves to learn things about the trees, animals. .. and how everything works.
Nature is the perfect environment for me and my little tribe, there is not a better
place for us to be πŸ’š

If one word would have to define Autumn, in my personal opinion that would be cozyness.
Days getting shorter, air getting crispier, hot cups of coffee/tea with good company, Sunday afternoon old movies or a good book with a very good story. ..
I do like cozy stuff, and old movies, books. .. good stories. .. and very good company. .. late night conversations. ..

Yes, I open my arms, my heart and my soul to this season and I tune in with everything about it πŸπŸ’“

Here  you can find a bit of information if you are interested in knowing a little bit more about Mabon.

Happy Autumn/Mabon to everyone

Lluisa xx

Thursday, 20 September 2018


It has really been way too long since the last time I was in here. .. and I have to say that I have missed it.
You always think about creating a post, writing a few things down ( and believe me, there is so many things I could share. ..)
But sometimes I am just lazy, sometimes I get lost scrolling down on Facebook, Instagram. ... or sometimes my day has just been too hard or emotional for me to even find the words to describe anything. ..
But it really is quite a therapeutic feeling to share how you feel, what are you doing or what is your favourite song at the moment. .. and you only realise it when you begin to type.

Because as soon as you start thinking what are you gonna share or which are the words you are going to use to start the post, so many different things comes to your mind and you start to remember all them little things, the words, the actions. .. and a feeling of gratitude fills your heart and soul.

How was your summer, other than hot?
For me a catalan girl used to Mediterranean summers and who now lives in England, was amusing to be able to go and swim in lakes and rivers.
It has really been quite a summer for the UK, short on rain and soooo high on temperatures. It was even shocking to see the landscape normally so green losing its colour and freshness.
And although it has been nice on one side on the other has been a hard one.
For many different reasons we found ourselves struggling to find a proper place to live in.
And though I am not going to share many details now, I have to tell you that some days were under a lot of stress, fear, uncertainty. .. but at the end a lot of gratefulness fills our hearts because if something we learnt it's TRUST.
Even when you are in a dark place always think that there is a solution, a light at the end, someone ready to give you a hand. .. so TRUST. .. πŸ™

Hope your summer has been a good one and that you have so many things to feel grateful for.
Hope to see  you all very soon.

Lluisa πŸ’œ xxx

Sunday, 31 December 2017


We are ending another year that might leave us with the feeling of not have done everything we wanted to do or achieve.
We will think of some of the things we thought were meant to happen. .. but they didn't 
We might feel bad about it, blame on others or blame on situations, but that will just create heaviness in our hearts that won't allow us to go forward in peace with ourselves.

Embrace what did happen and what it didn't with love and acceptance, by doing it you will free yourself of sorrow and heaviness.

Feed your soul with all the love and the laughter. .. the sunsets and the Full Moons.
Take all them with you to this New Year,
 but take also the hard moments as they will make your soul grow wise.
Take the lessons you have learnt as they will make you feel good when facing new ones.
And keep on dreaming and following your dreams even the craziest ones, that is your soul's purpose.

So I will close this 2017 with acceptance of what it didn't happen and faith for all the good things and also the lessons that 2018 will bring to me and my tribe.
And I wish for you all the best and lots of love, laughter and happiness πŸ’—

Luisa xoxo


There is millions of words written about love and so many different ways to love and be loved. .. so I am not gonna write about love,...