Monday, 4 March 2013


Hi to everybody, hope you all are well.

Can you smell the spring in the air??
Here today is grey and the forecast says that is going to rain for at least three days, but is not very cold and to be honest is a very welcomed rain.

But this last weekend has been sunny and quite mild, you could almost smell the spring in the air so...we have enjoyed a couple of nice walks.

In this weather it's very typical to feel warm during the day and more cold during the evenings. For that I thought to crochet a shawl, it's perfect for cool evenings.

I started this one first the beginning is a half granny square and then just carry on, it's so easy to do and it grows so quick.
It is so quick that I made another one :)

I did enjoy making them. On this one I chose purple which is my favorite color and black because I think that they match so well.

And that has been my week, this one that we are starting today is gonna be a bit more grey so...I will crochet more if I can :)

Have a great week wherever you are!

See you soon!

Lluisa xx


  1. You have a lovely little blog here! Your daughter is adorable and I love the picture of all the granny squares in your blog banner! I'll have to keep popping in here to see what you're working on!
    Kate :}

    1. Hi there!!
      Many thanks, I am very new here, I will try and post some pattern to share with people and more interesting things about crochet, knitting...and little bites about my life :)

      Have a great week Kate!

      Lluisa x



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