Friday, 22 February 2019


There is millions of words written about love and so many different ways to love and be loved. .. so I am not gonna write about love, instead I am gonna write about Andy my love.
He is my love but he isn't mine as love as I understand it does not possess you, love makes you free.
Free to love in the most beautiful way,
a way that is far from perfect as perfection doesn't exist in any way. .. so better stop looking for the perfect love and look for the genuine one.

And how do you know when love is genuine?
I believe that everyone has to find what their truth is and then be honest with themselves.
When almost nine years ago my journey with Andy began I didn't know that I was about to discover what love is all about and not in the "happy flowers" way but in a more raw, beautiful and imperfect way.
The way that has brought us here at this moment in time with all the love, all the burdens and ugly moments, all the laughs and tears, dreams and nightmares. .. 

When I look at him I feel proud of myself and proud of who we are together with our little tribe.
So in love with him and us as a family.
One of the most important things for me is, that when I look at him I can still be myself, I don't have to pretend to be perfectly beautiful with a perfect body, although for me all the bodies are perfect and beautiful because they explain who we are and what we have been through without having to hide anything away, and this is something that Andy has taught me, to be who I am and be proud of  the whole me with the light and passion, the shadows and the drama and all the demons that scare the shit out of me. .. in my body. So when I look at him I wanna be alive in a life far from perfect, I wanna be alive in our life.

I walk my path besides him and that makes me feel happy and scared at the same time, as I can't help but feel so comfortable next to him that the thought of him disappearing makes me shake to the core and that is my vulnerability.

Being in love with Andy was meant to happen as our souls have travel through lives and eras before, and we know each other beyond what our minds can comprehend.
So every time we have a fight, argument or disagreement, our souls remain very, very close to each other so the words that we might say when in anger, frustration or pure exasperation cannot reach that unadulterated energy that we are together, and so them words  can get lost and forgotten and cause no trouble within us.

So very far from perfect we are and yet I couldn't think of a better place to spend my life.

Just over a week ago was Valentine's day, a day to celebrate Love and for some to make profit in the name of Love.
Andy did give me flowers and a lovely card. .. I forgot I really forgot to buy anything for him. .. and I cried because I had forgotten, but he cuddled me with a smile and those bright, beautiful blue eyes and told me not to worry. ..
So today I am writing about him with the same care, love and honour I know he feels for me.
To always, even in the darkest moments be able to celebrate LOVE 💓

Eternally grateful 🙏



  1. Thanks for your words baby,i love you very much xx

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There is millions of words written about love and so many different ways to love and be loved. .. so I am not gonna write about love,...