Sunday, 24 March 2013


Hi to everybody!!
Hope you've had a great weekend.

Did you do something to welcome the Spring? 
As you must know, the last Wednesday 20th March was the Spring Equinox. We thought it would be nice to do some kind of celebration so we went with a few friends to this old house in the middle of the mountains to do our own Equinox celebration.

First thing we welcomed the new season

I love all these yellow flowers

After our moment of welcoming the Spring we deserved some nice we did some cooking 

We made fire as inside the old house it wasn't very warm

We cooked some "cal├žots", it's a kind of onion that you cook in the fire and then you eat them with a special sauce, just delicious, if you ever wanna try some you need to come here to Catalonia :)

This was the house for our celebration

If you wanna share any Spring moments?? Feel free to post any comment, it will be more than welcome.

Wishing you a very nice week
See you next time!

Lluisa xxx


  1. Hello Lluisa
    How very nice of you to visit my blog and for your charming comments on my latest post. I did look for you when you became a follower on my blog but I kept turning up on your Google page. Now you have given me your blog address I can follow you too.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. I haven't done a whole lot, but I spent the afternoon doing some natural dyeing today with indigo. It was nice to be able to be outside without freezing! Your Spring celebrations sound wonderful and the calcots sound wonderful!!!
    greenest blessings to you!

    1. That sounds good :)
      I think we all need the Spring and the summer for be outside

      I know that you are very far away from here, but you are more than welcome to come and try the calcots :)

      Have a nice time!

      Lluisa x

  3. That looks good fun and very cosy. Thank you for popping by to say hello, it's lovely to be able to find you too. Have a happy week.

  4. Looks like such a great Spring celebration!! I haven't really celebrated that much, because it hasn't quite felt like Spring just yet here... It snowed again just a couple of days ago! But I think it's finally starting to warm up!
    Have a great week!
    Kate :}



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