Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Hi there!! Hope all of you are really well.
At the moment I am in Ireland on our journey to the perfect place for us to live. First was England and Wales, now is Ireland.
Which it could be the one, but we will see, because it's a big decision  and it's not enough for a place to live just a nice landscape, at least in my case, I really need to connect with the land.
What about you?
Are you living in your home town, or at some point in your life and for whatever reason, you moved to a new place?

What can I say? It's beautiful, the landscape it's just stunning and even breathtaking, some of the places I have seen. The people are very pleasant, well the most of them at least. They can make you feel really comfortable even if you don't understand the way they talk hehe.... What happen is that, as most of you know I am from Catalonia (Spain) and english it's not my mother tongue, so some of the english accents are really hard for me and some parts of Ireland, what can I say? I don't know the way they speak!!! hahaha...
Anyway I am not gonna bore you more, what I am gonna do is share some of the bits that I have catch with my camera. Hope you enjoy.

I have more photos, but I need to sort them out then, I will do the second part of our journey around Ireland.

Wishing you all a great week.

"May the Sun bring you 
new energy by day"

 See you soon!!

Lluisa xx



  1. I have always wanted to visit Ireland, it looks like a beautiful place. I live across the country from my hometown; my husband and moved here with our older child when he was a baby, about seven years ago. We came here for my husband's work, but also because it's a place we could see ourselves living in. We really love it here. It's very different from where I grew up, and spent the first 28+ years of my life, but it's a good fit for us. I wish you lots of luck with your decision. :)

  2. Yes, it is a very worth place to visit, the landscape, people, music....We'll see what we end up doing, I will post more about :)

    Thanks for your comment Jeniffer!

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  5. Such great pics! Ilianna looks quite cold...
    Didn't know you were in Wales, did you like it? I'm sure you're about to find your perfect place ;)

    Btw, Autumn has arrived here as well, at last!!!



    P.S: I deleted the previous comment 'cause I made a big, terrible grammar mistake LOL

  6. More than cold it was the strong wind, my poor baby was a bit scared hehe....glad you finally can enjoy the autumn.

    Lluisa x

  7. Very beautiful! I wish I could visit Ireland at some point! There is a Greek friend of mine living there, and I've also moved from my hometown...

  8. Ireland looks really beautiful and your photos are lovely...I have never been but hope to go soon. We are not too far away, we live in Scotland. I don't live in the town I grew up but pretty close by, around half an hour away.
    Marianne x

  9. E·stimada Lluisa, gracies per regalant-se aquests moments , aquests paisatges, aquestes viencies.......per conèixer aquesta maravella de país.... us desitjo tota la felicitat familia!! una abraçada d una que et troba a faltar per aqui!! un petó gran a la teva preciosa nena....!! petonetssssssssssssss

    Gloria P

    1. Gracies Gloria!! Si el paiisatge per aqui es increible, val la pena. Ja anire informant de les meves passes. I quan estiguem instalats, ja sigui a Irlanda o Anglaterra, ja podeu venir a veure'ns :)

      Molts petonets maca!!


  10. What lovely photos! Ireland looks truly lovely. I've only been once a long time ago but hope to visit again. The pic of the rainbow is beautiful x

  11. Yes the Irish landscape is stunning, breathtaking and wonderful. It's worth it to visit.
    And yes, it's the rainbow's land!! my god, I haven't seen so many rainbows in a single day as I did in Ireland.

    Thanks for your comment!

    Lluisa x

  12. Oh my gosh, Ireland. I have this fascination with that place and I've never been. I want to go really badly...I even named my daughter after the country. Maybe one day. You're photos are beautiful:)



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