Friday, 8 March 2013


Hi to everybody!  And today very specially to all women around the world because today is our day, because we are worth it, special, beautiful, more than ever we need to be together as one. 

Today while I am crocheting the shawl I am working on, I will try to connect with all the creativity of all of you, because together as  women we can create a better world.

Have a great day wherever you are 
See you soon!

Much love
Lluisa xxxx


  1. Hi Lluisa
    Thank you for your lovely comments nd for popping into my blog. I really hope the snow stays away from Catalonia, I love to think of where you live as a hot and summery place :o) We love Barcelona, its one of my favourite cities xox Penelope
    ps. Your baby girl is too gorgeous for words x

    1. Hi Penelope!!
      Thanks for your comment, as you can see is not usual on my blog. I am only new on blogland, hope someday I can reach more followers :)

      Yes, Barcelona is a great city, I like to say that the Mediterranean Sea gives a special light to the city.
      I am living in northern Catalonia (Girona) and is not hot, in summer yes, but we have really cold and long winters.

      Thanks for visiting my blog, is very exciting to have comments :P

      Have a great week!!

      Lluisa xx

  2. Happy (belated) Women's Day! I just saw you name in a comment on Attic24, and it caught my eye, as it is common where I am from (ah, my beautiful Mediterranean island!). I also lived in Barcelona for three years, and even being far away as I am now, I think of it a lot and miss it deeply. And, of course, there's nothing like the Mediterranean, the bestest sea on earth! ;)
    Anyway, it's been good finding your blog. I'll follow you to see what mischief your little one gets into now that she's so close to walking! (like my Oath, who spends all day getting up and then falling down again!)

    Una mare que enyora el Mediterrani.


    1. Hola!!

      Thanks for following my blog, wow you are the third follower!!!

      Yes the Mediterranean is so special, I agree wit you. You said that you are far away now? where about?? if you don't mind to tell.

      Yes I will keep posting about Ilianna because though at the end of the day I am more than tired, she is making me discover a wonderful new world.

      Parles catala?

      Que vagi molt be!!

      See you around :)

      Lluisa x

    2. Sí, el català és la meva llengua materna. Només és que als blogs duc l'anglés tan ficat al cap que em costa deixar-lo, ni que sigui per un moment! Ara estic visquent a Asturies, així tampoc tan tan lluny... però a estones ho sembla.

      Et comprenc perfectament, jo amb l'Oath acabo el dia que sembla que les cames se m'hagin convertit en gelatina i tan cansada que no sé ni què dic ni què faig... però val la pena més que res en el món. Disfrutem-ho, que no durarà sempre!


    3. Si es cert que l'angles es el que millor va pels blogs, a part el meu company i pare de l'Ilianna es angles :P

      Es cert passa super rapid!!!! pero es super intens, i si es la millor experiencia del mon, sens dubte :)

      Apa, cuida't molt!!

      Lluisa xx

  3. Lovely blog! I will look forward to following. I love your banner...all those scrumptous granny squares.

    1. Oh! Thanks a lot!!!!
      There is 4 followers now, I am so excited and feeling more motivated.

      Have a great week!!!

      Lluisa xxx



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