Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Making bread

Hi to everybody!!
Hope all of you are doing well.

The last Friday we went with a few friends to another's friends house to make bread...yes I know that making bread it's nothing like amazing but it was making bread the traditional way with a proper wood oven...FANTASTIC!! 

It's just wonderful, the energy of an old house, the fire, the wood... being with nice people, sharing...I don't know I think that we should think about doing more stuff with more people, like a community, you know what I mean?
I think it's very good and important as a human beings doing different things together, well thats just what I think or feel...
Let me put some more pics, hoping that you enjoy them :)

Andy, my partner of life doing sticks for the fire

Working on the dough

I really think that it is a bit of a therapeutic thing :)

Also working on the arms...

Nearly ready to go in...

And finally: OUR BREAD!

It was a fantastic experience, honestly it's something that  I could  recommend as a good experience.

The house and the fire place belongs to an old Catalan house, known as Masia.

Wishing you all  the best.
Happy Spring Equinox!!!

See you soon!

Lluisa x


  1. M'encanten els forns de llenya! El que s'hi cou és més gustós que si es cogués a un forn modern. Jo avui he fet pizzes casolanes (quin gust, pastar!) i m'hagués encantat tenir-ne un... però a un pis de ciutat impossible!

    Entenc perfectament el que dius de que fer coses amb les mans, en companyia, és terapèutic. A mi m'ha passat amb el crochet i la pastisseria: aprendre en companyia, crear coses amb les mans... és fantàstic!

  2. Es cert, com la llenya res hehe...
    Amb unes quantes noies ens trobem cada dissabte per fer llana. Es fantastic, les converses, el compartir...

    Gracies pel comentari :)

    Fins aviat!

    Lluisa xx

  3. that sounds wonderful! what an amazing fireplace!
    I have always thought making bread was therapy, and good food should always be shared with friends! i always have such a hearty appetite when I am eating with a group of people.
    bon appetite!




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