Friday, 24 January 2014


Hi there!! How is this week going?? Are you already making plans for the weekend?

Today I was thinking about all the cups I've got, but first of all let me tell you that I am a cup lover. Yes I can not help it but when I see a cup that I like, I always try to buy it.
They makes me think of warm and cozy winter evenings by the fire, spring and summer evenings maybe siting in the garden admiring a lovely sunset with my favourite brew, tea. I love tea, and I discover this pure love for it around  my first days in England before, I hadn't even try it!
The mornings are always full of coffee, my day cannot start if I don't have a coffee, just in the morning as the rest of the day it's always tea.
But the coffee in the mornings is got something special. The smell all around the house, for some reason makes me feel homy. It gives you a nice feeling for start the day in a good mood, at least it does it to me.

Because I don't have a photo of all my cups, I will share in here the last three that I have bought.
I bought that one the past October in Ashbourne (England) while having a few days of holidays there. I love the design and the colours.

This one is a few weeks old, it's from Tesco and I love it because is purple :)

This one it was bought the last week in a charity shop and at the moment it's my coffee cup.

It happens to you that certain cups are better than others for tea?
I have a few of them which are exclusively for my coffee as I don't really like how it taste the tea in them. 

Do you have a special feeling with cups or something else?
Let me know, I will love to know about it.

By now this is it.
See you all soon!
Be happy!!


Lluisa xx

P.D. Hope I have express myself correctly, as you know I am not english and sometimes I make mistakes with the language. I apologise for my mistakes.


  1. I have a special cup for my tea and my tea always tastes the nicest from that cup. I've noticed any mistakes. Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  2. Thanks for your comment!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Lluisa x



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