Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Hi there!!! How are you all lovely people? Hope everything's fine.
Around here everything is pretty much the same.

How are you doing with the CMB 2014? I am really in love with the project and the opportunity that it gives you to meet people and let people know you as well, it is lovely to be able to share the love for yarn and a lot of more things, so... if you wanna follow my blog? It is up to you, but if you do it I will be happy.

Well this is more or less my CMB 2014 week.
Hope you all keep well wherever you are.

See you all soon!
Be happy!!


Lluisa xx


  1. Lovely! Lovely! This is such an exciting project - We are all going to have such amazing blankets by the end of the year! Oh and by the way TOTALLY love that granny bag in your header!

  2. Oh thanks for your comment!!!
    Yes it's a lovely bag I have a few of them, sometimes when I can I like to have a stall at some craft fair.

    Lluisa x

  3. Those are lovely squares!! I always love seeing the progress people make :)



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