Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Hi to everyone!!
Are you all doing well? Hope this new year is treating you all very nice.
I am as my squares can reflect, something between blessed and upset, why? because I am spending my holidays in Catalonia, where I am from and where my family lives. I have spent nearly three weeks, (My God, time just flies!) and I feel upset about to leave (next Sunday)  and blessed about to return to the UK and to my lovely partner, who by the way, couldn't come with us due to health problems ( he is getting better now). Anyway, here is my first week of CROCHET MOOD BLANKET 2014 which in fact, has been made in Catalonia, maybe some more squares will be make in Catalonia along this year, but at the moment the next one and a few more will be coming from the lovely UK.

I started making the same pattern but then and inspired by Pinterest I decided to make some different patterns, just to make it more enjoyable.
And this is the result of my first week.

I really like them. This week I will introduce some new colours.
I am really excited about this project, I think it's lovely and I hope to be able to finish it, which I am sure I will.

Hope you are having a nice week. 
I'll see you the next week then from UK with a new post full of colour, yarn and happiness.

See you all soon!
Be happy!!


Lluisa xx


  1. Hope your partner is fully recovered now. The squares look great. The time does fly when your having fun x

  2. Yes, he is getting better, thanks! And yes when you are having fun and being with people you love...time just flies...

    Lluisa x



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