Thursday, 2 January 2014


Hi to everyone!! Hope everybody is doing really well. Here everything's fine, just my little girl has caught a cold so, lots of cuddles and mommy's milk.

I have started my first granny square

As you can see I have chosen green colour for my first square. If you have seen my last post, where I did show my colour list, I gave to the colour green the fertile mood. 
Why I have chosen to start with green? Because I feel that I want to get pregnant again. My little girl is 21 months old, I am 39 years old so, I feel for sure that now is the moment. 
So come on Fertility!!

And this is my first square done, ta-dah!!
I have decided that I will make one every day, seven per week, which I will share with you all on a weekly post, explaining the colour, the mood and my week.

I am looking forward to see all  of your post too, I am sure is going to be a nice project.

My best wishes for you all.
Be happy!
See you soon!!


Lluisa x


  1. This is really cool :) I like your idea, and hooray for your first square!
    I caught a cold ,too, and spent the whole week (plus new year's eve) in bed!! Wishing your little angel is felling better already!

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  3. Hi, hope you are feeling better from your cold, my little girl is doing a bit better every day.
    Yes, is very good idea the crochet project about the mood blanket, if you want to join you can find more information here:

    See you around blogland!!
    Take care!

    Lluisa x

    1. I've just requested to join the group on facebook! I don't know if I can be consistent with the project but I will give it a try!!! Thank you !

  4. happy crochet - I like your idea of a square that captures your mood every day happy 2014 x

  5. That a really cool idea look forward to see it coming along. Happy new year to you and your family xx



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