Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Hi to everyone!!!
How are you doing?? I am back in the UK, happy and a bit upset at the same time as I miss my mum sooooo much...but holidays are finished and we are very busy here, trying to find a lovely and cozy place to live, so...

What it would be your priority when trying to find a home?
Let me know and maybe I will get inspired by all your opinions ;)

This was my first morning here, the UK was welcoming me with its best  colour and I was very grateful.

And now let us go to the Crochet Mood Blanket 2014
This is my second week squares, I have add some more colours all them related to my moods.

After trying a couple or three different patterns I have decided that this one is gonna be the one, simple and lovely at the same time.

Well at the moment this is it, I will try and post something else this week, as I am thinking about to start a new crochet project. Something not very complicated, just something to add to the squares, because just one square everyday is not much crochet sometimes. I have been thinking about a cowl for myself, I have a lovely chunky yarn ideal for it so, we will see.

My best wishes for you all.
Be very happy!
See you all soon!


Lluisa xx


  1. Your squares are looking really pretty! I love the pattern. :)

  2. Thanks!! Yes it's a nice pattern and easy to do.

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. I like the pattern you have chosen to do for your squares! I have many blankets on the go, so one square a week is enough for me!!

    If I were looking for a house, I would want one with a decent garden and plenty space in the house

    1. Thanks, at the moment I only have this blanket going on and a cowl for myself, I think once we are settled I will have more crochet stuff going on.

      Yes my partner definitely wants outside space because he wants to grow food and have some chickens...so...I hope we soon find the right thing :)

      Thanks for your comment!!

      LLuisa x

  4. Well for me a home is where you feel familiar and you can imagine your family live there everyday... I've also written a list of what "feels like home", just before starting searching for a house {we've also recently moved}.. here is my list:
    where you can cuddle on a cosy sofa (with blankets and pillows)
    where your desk, desktop, cute notebooks and pens are
    where your favorite, morning coffee spot, is
    where it feels clean even though it might be a little bit untidy
    where you know you can find your things (nevermind the mess)
    where you can listen to your favorite music, any time of the day

    don't know if this is helpful!!!!!!!
    As for the crochet project I would suggest either crochet more than one granny square every day, either make them bigger!! There is this terrific blanket that looks like one huge granny square! ^_^

  5. Oh thanks for such a lovely comment and nice list, very inspiring.
    About the crochet, it's a crochet project that I am following with women from all around the world, the choices are to make 1 square every week, which it would end in a 52 squares blanket or one every week which would end with a 365 squares blanket, so.... its gonna be a big blanket hehe....

    Thanks for you comment
    Have a great weekend!!

    Lluisa x

  6. Good luck with the home search! I like a fireplace located centrally in the home. Somewhere I can place a big chair and cuddle up to crochet into the wee hours of the early morning.

  7. Oh yes, I love having a fireplace so, I am sure we will have one :)
    Thanks for your comment!




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