Sunday, 1 December 2013


Hi to everybody, hope all of you are doing well.
Today is the first of December, I like to think about Christmas when December arrives, before that, I think it's just too much. I have seen shops advertising Christmas food and presents since de beginnings of October. For me is too commercial and spoils the truly spirit of Christmas.

Well today I just wanted to share a bit of my last yarn stuff. I am knitting a leg warmers, normally I am a crochet person, but for these project I decided to try knitting I am :)

This is just the beginning of my knitting work, I hope to be able and share with you all the whole project ended soon, which to be honest it's not gonna be easy thing with the mess around me so....I will do my best lol

Changing subject, today after our little walk this morning, we have found a little Farmers Market which has change our routine and has add some Christmassy energy to our moment. 

I am sorry by the blurred photo, but you can still appreciate the Christmas wreath

Can you appreciate the Christmas wall hanging behind? I just love it

Well that's all for today, hope all of you are having a lovely Sunday. I will come back as soon as possible.



Lluisa xx


  1. Your knitting is looking lovely. I really like the colors. The crafty show looks really nice. I love to go to events like that. I'm glad you were able to stop in. :)

  2. Yes I love all those fairs, markets....I could spend hours walking around them lol

    Thanks for your comment hun, have a great week!!

    Lluisa xx

  3. I love a good market, it looks like you found a great one! Love your knitting, I could do with leg warmers today - it is -5 and going to get colder still.
    Thanks for popping over and admiring my wrap :)

  4. Looks like a lovely little Market the wreath is beautiful. Your leg warmers look great! X



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