Sunday, 17 November 2013

Back in England

Hi to everyone there!! Hope you all are doing well.
I am back in England and although I know I still need to do a post about Ireland, I still need to sort some photos out. So, I am gonna dedicate this post to our return to England and our enjoyable walks with Andy, Ilianna and Iona our lovely dog.

What happened with Ireland? Well despite that I did love it, I couldn't connect totally with the place as to me see myself living there, so at the minute we are back in England, where the Autumn is still quite alive, so today morning we did enjoy of a bit of a walk  and even though, the weather wasn't totally bright it was lovely enough. And I did put my little camera in my pocket as I knew I could take some nice photos today.

And the walk begins...

The yellows..

and behind the yellow, some blue...

Now with mama..

and some deep greens..

some reds from the berries.. 

love these yellow leaves..

can you see the canal?

I just find this photo so lovely

and time to go back.

It has certainly been a nice walk, not hard just easy walking for Ilianna's little legs.

Are you enjoying outdoor walks??

Oh and yesterday I bought the last issue of Simply Crochet, lovely and very Christmassy.
Although I am not working at any Christmas crochet project, it has make me think about do something, so...we'll see...

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend, whatever you are doing and wherever you are.

"Everything you need is inside you"

Pamela Dinkowitz.

Take care and enjoy every little bit of your day.
See you all soon!

Much love&light

Lluisa xx


  1. Lovely photo is especially the trees and leaves. Your wee one is so cute!
    Marianne x

  2. Thanks for your comment, it made me happy :) I dont have much of them lol so....

    Have a nice time!!

    Lluisa x



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