Sunday, 24 February 2013


Hi to everybody!!

The last Thursday we decided to spend a day in the city. I was trying to go I think before Christmas!! hehehe.....but finally we did it.

The best way to go is by train and it was special because it was the first trip with train for Ilianna

It's more or less 45-50 minutes,  I wasn't going to waste my time so....

I took my crochet to keep working on the shawl that I am working on.

And Ilianna seemed to be so comfortable on her first trip on train

With her uncle and daddy :)

And finally we arrived to the city....

The first stop was at Kiehl's store to visit my youngest brother

And then we head to our route around Barcelona

And just before we head back to the train station and home....
coffee time

It was a really nice day, I totally enjoyed it :)

Hope you all are having a great weekend wherever you are :)

See you soon!!

Lluisa x

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