Saturday, 5 January 2013

Thinking about...

Hi there!!

With the new year I am thinking about new things to knit or crochet, I've been looking around and there is really lovely and beautiful things to make.

Isn't it beautiful??
I hope I can find the time to make something like that, but with a 9 months old baby not easy!!

I love making stuff for myself and to sell  because I enjoy making it and if I can make some just perfect.

Look at these ones!! They are just so, so lovely and colourful....I am definitely gonna make these, I love them, yes they are so nice! I hope they are not to complicated to do and then I could make some for myself and a few to sell...
As  pot holders they can give  your kitchen a nice touch of colour.

Well now that my baby is playing on her own, I am gonna keep looking around different sites, and see what I can find.

Enjoy your time, see you soon!!


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