Sunday, 6 January 2013


Hi there!!
Hope everybody is having a nice Sunday.

I am at home and while Ilianna is playing with daddy I am just having my cup of tea and looking around online.
Its amazing all the beautiful photo's you can find online about different subjects!

And colours, lots and lots of colours.
My favourite colour is purple, I love them all but to me purple just has this special thing that makes me just love it.
What a beautiful picture!

As purple evokes relaxation within spiritual pictures, green brings me pictures of a fresh green field, orange a summer sunset, and for example blue for me is the Mediterranean's sea colour.

Colours are part of our lives and in different ways they can affect our moods and well being.

Ok now is time for me to leave as Ilianna, (my baby) needs me.
Wishing you all a lovely time, see you soon!


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