Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Hello everybody, 

I would like to start this blog talking a little bit about myself.

My name is Luisa, I am originally from Catalonia (Northern Spain) where I am actually living with Andy, my lovely english partner and daddy of my 9 months old baby girl, Ilianna

They are my two loves. 
Ilianna  has change the full meaning of my life, nothing is and never will be the same. She is a lovely and clever baby, I'm so proud of her.

Well I am gonna carry on sharing a few more things about myself.
I love being outside and walking in the nature, practicing yoga, meditating, dancing....
But one of my passions is Crochet and knit, and is for that reason that I am starting this blog.
I really hope to attract  lots of new people from here, my main intention , is to share mostly about crochet and knit, but nice and interesting things are always welcome.

Well, I am gonna finish this post just sharing one of my crochet creations and wishing a happy new year to everyone!!

See you soon!

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