Sunday, 31 December 2017


We are ending another year that might leave us with the feeling of not have done everything we wanted to do or achieve.
We will think of some of the things we thought were meant to happen. .. but they didn't 
We might feel bad about it, blame on others or blame on situations, but that will just create heaviness in our hearts that won't allow us to go forward in peace with ourselves.

Embrace what did happen and what it didn't with love and acceptance, by doing it you will free yourself of sorrow and heaviness.

Feed your soul with all the love and the laughter. .. the sunsets and the Full Moons.
Take all them with you to this New Year,
 but take also the hard moments as they will make your soul grow wise.
Take the lessons you have learnt as they will make you feel good when facing new ones.
And keep on dreaming and following your dreams even the craziest ones, that is your soul's purpose.

So I will close this 2017 with acceptance of what it didn't happen and faith for all the good things and also the lessons that 2018 will bring to me and my tribe.
And I wish for you all the best and lots of love, laughter and happiness 💗

Luisa xoxo


  1. I love your words Luisa, they are infused with so much heart. Loving myself through the tough times was my biggest lesson last year, plus embracing that acceptance of what didn't happen and trust that it will in perfect timing. Thank you for sharing this xx

    1. Thanks to you for being here with me in this space.
      Lots of love xoxo



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