Sunday, 2 April 2017


Hi there my lovely people!!
How are you doing?
Around here we are having a few days with such beautiful weather and it has been quite dry, sunny and warm for the beginning of April.

And you know what? I don't know if it's due to this nice weather or because I feel better in myself when the days are long and brighter, my creativity
is very strong these days so, I am crocheting quite a lot among other things but crochet is the most I am doing.

My beautiful Mandala πŸ’—
The same Mandala with some flowers 🌷
Nice way to recycle an old jar of honey πŸ‘
A case for my phone 😊

Are you a crafty person?
I have always liked being around yarn, I found it very pleasing the whole process: while you are making the item or garment and then the satisfaction of the end result.
And what about enjoying yourself between lots of different yarns, colours, textures. .. aaah quite an experience πŸ˜‰

And if it wasn't enough just the pleasure of crocheting or knitting adds its benefits and the whole thing becomes perfect.
~Reduces stress
~Eating disorder management
~Chronic pain management
~Improves memory 
~Positive impact on depression and anxiety 
~The list goes on and on

You can read an interesting article

 And I don't know if you know about chakras
And how they regulate our energy?
What I do know is that any activity involving yarn, weave, knitting, crochet. .. it is directly connected to our second or sacral chakra.
It's the energetic centre which holds our creativity, it make sense now, isn't it?
So if you wanna know a bit more about the sacral chakra you can find more information 

And as this Sunday ends taking away another week, I wish you the best for the new week ahead πŸ’š

See you all soon 

Luisa xoxo


  1. Hi Lluisa, I love your crochet mandala - beautiful colours. Very interested in learning more about the chakras -
    thank you for sharing your wisdom xx

    1. Thanks for your comment and sorry for such a late reply.
      The chakra system it's very interesting you can find loads of information in books, online. ...

      Luisa xoxo



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