Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Hello my lovelies!
How are you?
Hope the end of March is leaving you with a feel of hope, creativity and a good desire for the new to come.

My March has been quite nice and although the weather could have been brighter, it was a better and worth it job to keep brighter myself πŸ˜‰

March around here brought a few different things, the end of the cardigan I was knitting for my girl, purple flowers with the new season which we have just started, rocking pools adventures. .. but the most special and important thing was Ilianna's 5th birthday. ..

Five years!!!!!!!
Where did the time go? 😯
I just can't believe that she is already 5.
When I look at her i cannot see a trace of baby anymore, just a girl who is growing too fast, a beautiful, strong  girl with a strong personality as well, who so far has taught me a few life lessons which have made a positive impact in my life.
I like to observe her when she is not aware of it, I love to watch how she plays differents games just by using her imagination, how explores her body discovering new different ways to jump higher, run faster or speak louder. ..
It is a beautiful and important adventure for me to allow her to be free to discover the world at her pace and rhythm, so is for that that we have decided to home school her and thus she is free to find her way through life. We of course will respect any future decision she might take about this, but one thing is very important and clear for us, if she wants to go to school we will try and find a more respectful one that the mainstream system offers. At the moment she is very young so there is no need for rushing things, just enjoy and play a lot.

 I have never being the most patient person in the world but I often found myself slowing down my rhythm so I can allow her to deal with her emotions.
I am not the best mother of the world neither, but only the Great Spirit and the Goddess know how hard do I try every day to be the best for her.
And i fail, I certainly do and I cry as well but then I forgive myself, because through my bad moments and vulnerability I allow her to see what life is all about.

So yes, five years ago my body was opened up to welcome Earth side this beautiful soul who became my daughter making me feel the most grateful person in the world with such an honour. 

And the light of a beautiful Sunset leaves me with a deep feeling of gratitude for the tribe that together, we are creating.
Because we are far from perfect, but we try our best to be always nice, honest and kind to ourselves and others.

How has been your March so far?

See you all very soon 😘

Keep dreaming πŸ’œ

Luisa xoxo

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