Friday, 17 February 2017


Hi there, how are you?
Uff. .. it really has been a while since the last time I was here posting as the name of my blog says, "Bits of my days"
And now looking around and feeling, re-reading. .. somehow I feel more connected than before with that name, how curious. ..
Because bits of my days can be little things with nothing special, or little things with a lot of magic, importance and meaning.
Bits of my days can say a lot or nothing at all, can be full of words or full of images that speak louder than words. .. who knows. ...

But I am back. .. and it feels good, it feels really good be here typing on my laptop about nothing and everything.

Where I am in life?
uff. ... We are still living in our tiny little home (caravan) 
Are we happy? well. .. we are yes, we are happy to a point with ourselves but very tired and fed up with the caravan thing :( 
The lack of space, although we try to make it cozy and nice - which, to be honest, it really is nice the way we have decorated or try to- but the space, or lack of it to be more accurate, it's starting to be too much in almost every aspect of our life.
So yes, we need to leave, we want more space, we are looking different areas. ..
But it hasn't been easy at all at the moment, so fingers crossed and wish me luck because we really need that change.

I will explain more about why we ended up living in our tiny home, but not today. .. today it's late and I've just got back, so for now I will leave you with a few random pictures of our present moment and as soon as I can I will be back with more. .. 

. .. I'll be back, I promise :)

Be very happy
Lluisa xoxo


  1. Hello there my friend. So nice to see you back in your space, sharing bits of your days. I have missed you. Looking forward to reading more and connecting again. xo

    1. Hi :) is nice to be back, I will definitely be posting more.
      Thanks for your words

      Luisa xoxo



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