Tuesday, 21 February 2017

And as I promised I am back and I am back with an excited feeling of being here sharing with you.
So, how have you been? Hope everything is working right as it needs to be working in your life for yours and your soul's benefit.
To be honest, I have been better than how I am feeling right now, but I think it's all due to this chiropractor I have been seeing. After every session working on a physical level with my body, all these emotions, anxieties. .. have been coming to the surface making my days quite agitated and a bit weepy.
But nothing major and all with very good purpose as the point of it all it's to heal on all levels. πŸ’œ

But when we put awareness on any process we go through in life, everything then gets a different meaning and perspective, don't you think?
So I am trying my best to try and be present and aware  at any tear, emotion or  pain going on, thereby I can understand what my body or soul are trying to tell me so I can find more peace and meaning, everything becomes healing when you embrace the situation as a holistic one.

But I have been doing other stuff as well, don't you think for a moment that I espend my days in a contemplative way, normally it's completely the other way round πŸ˜„

Today we had lunch with a friend in one of my few favourite places in Glastonbury, Excalibur cafe; it's a vegan cafe/restaurant and although I am not a vegan, the passion they put on everything they do it's what make them special.
I had one of my favourite there, avocado with wild pesto on raw crackers

Absolutely delicious, so if you ever come to Glastonbury (England) it's worth a visit.

And as I've said before I have been doing other stuff and as the good  yarn lover that  I am, I always try to have something going on which involved yarn, this pink project it's a cardigan for my little girl, I am working with 100% cotton as I think it is a good one for the coming time, I will post the final result πŸ˜‰
The pattern it's quite simple and nice I purchased it time ago, if you wanna give it a try. .. 

This week for some reason I have been enjoying an old song, somehow it has made me feel good, how crazy is that? aaah life. .. we have this illusion of having total control but then a song, a perfume or something else comes across and everything starts shaking letting you in a confusing or completely different place in life. Although it is not the case with me and this song, for some reason I have listened to it from a different perspective. .. a funny one by the way πŸ˜‰https://youtu.be/SbyAZQ45uww 
Let me know, if you want what do you think about this song. 

So I think that will be it for today, promise I will come with more very soon.

Meantime. .. please be very happy and love yourself 100%

Lots of love πŸ’“πŸ’šπŸ’œ

Luisa xoxo


  1. Your lunch looks delicious, and that yarn is so pretty. That song...so what I needed to hear, thank you. xo

    1. Hi darling! Glad that song did it for you ;)
      Have a nice day!
      Luisa xoxo

  2. Oh that lunch looks amazing! I too have been doing lots of healing and releasing of late. I love your words: "everything becomes healing when you embrace the situation as a holistic one". Yes, yes, yes. Grateful to have found your blog post today xx

    1. Hi :) So happy you found me and my words resonated in you.
      So welcome to my little space, lots of love and light <3

      Luisa xoxo



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