Friday, 20 February 2015


Sometimes I wonder why human beings tend to feed more their fears than their dreams- including myself of course-.
It really is something that makes me think a lot and lately, I have concluded that it's a fact that the most of us do that, feeding fears. So think for a minute; if we all more or less at the same time are doing it, we are at the same vibration creating a reality so BINGO! 
Our world, system or whatever you wanna call it it's the way it is because we are creating it! 

It is a sad reality, don't you think?
So why? why is all this happening? why are we so scared?
I think that part of the fact it's because we have lost the faith and confidence in ourselves which it keep us constantly out of ourselves, looking out there for happiness, answers, love. ...
And reality is my friend, that everything it's inside so, let's sit down, relax and have a look inside, to our heart, our soul. .. our true being.
We need to be brave and start an internal trip starting to listen to our emotions, How I feel today? Why I feel this way? What are my emotions trying to tell me? 
And cry, cry as much as you want.
Stop judging your tears as something negative when they are indeed a way to clean your soul.

Which are your dreams? don't need to tell me. .. feed them, trust yourself, listen to your heart and smile.

Today has been one of those days for me, where you wonder, you cry, you're frightened. .. and you end up smiling and trusting yourself and the Universe.

Don't stop following your dreams!
Be very happy!

See you all soon :)


Lluisa xoxo

Saturday, 14 February 2015


Hi to everyone!!
Are you having a good Saturday?
And what about Valentine's day? do you like it? do you celebrate it? do you ignore it?. ....

I've got an enormous amount of questions and to me, only one answer comes to my mind, if there is Love it must be UNIVERSAL. A whole Love without any halves, -if you are gonna love me, you are gonna need to love the whole of me-.
And even more. .. let's love the whole Love, the entire Universe and every little being in it. 
Because my friend, let me tell you something: "Where there is LOVE there is not fear". Simple as that and let me ask you something: It wouldn't be nice a full life without absolutely any fear? 

Yes, I have had a present from my lovely man and I have given him a present as well. And I don't particularly like all that comercial side of everything at all. And yes, I do love him every single day, but to be honest and in my humbled opinion, sometimes it's not a bad idea to have a day to remind you to stop, not just one minute but all day to celebrate that love that sometimes gets forgotten between jobs, children, whasing ups, meals and ..... 

We have celebrate as well with our little girl, because she is the biggest love of our lives. Because you know what? if love it's universal, you can celebrate it in so many different ways, isn't it that great?

How has been your day?
I hope that whatever you have done or not done. .. has been a great one :)

See you all very soon!
Be very happy ;)


Lluisa xoxo

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Hi to everyone!!
Hope everything's ok with you and that February is being sweet with you.

Well I am back to normal or the life I know as normal. And I am back and strong on my commitment with my word for this year healing.

I am trying very hard to keep on track with this process as I feel that this is my year to heal, to grow and to see a few dreams coming true and for that to happen, I really need to heal in different levels.

For me this journey into healing myself it will relate in healing the feminine side, so I can reach the wild aspect of myself, my true essence and in a way to bring out the real meaning of being a woman, because in my humbled opinion womanhood these days, it's all kilter, unreal and totally manipulated by men, because dear friend: we live in a patriarchal society.

“Women have to learn where their true source of validation is.” 
Maureen Murdock, The Heroine's journey

So this is so far, the beginnings of my healing process, as human being and as a woman.
Because as I heal myself and my path I am healing my ancestors path and the future generations one.

I would love to get deeper in the womanhood matter but it would be time and future posts for that, to tell you what I think and what I feel and to give you a space for you to express yourself in this aspect.

So by now this is all, hope everything keeps treating you well.

Be very happy!
See you all soon!


Lluisa xoxo


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