Sunday, 30 March 2014


Hi to everybody!! hope you all are doing well.
The Spring is here!!!!! I am so happy and glad to welcome the long bright days, the warmer Sun, the time outdoors... I can not even wait to wear my sandals and to be honest, today I was thinking about it as the day has been glorious, sunny and quite warm, a real pleasure being outside and with the time changed and the days going longer in light.....delightful.

So here is my last week of March, explained in a few photos.

This was the most important day of my week, my little girl turning 2 years old.

A touch of Spring in my favourite colour.

This has been my this week crochet project.

My two loves.

Today was Mother's Day and this was my present from my little girl, how cuteeeee!!!

Well this has been a bit of my week, a little bit of my life shared with you all out there.
Hope you have enjoyed it reading it as much as  me doing it.

So, wherever you are always try and be happy please.

Have a terrific week!
See you all soon!


Lluisa xx



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