Sunday, 30 March 2014


Hi to everybody!! hope you all are doing well.
The Spring is here!!!!! I am so happy and glad to welcome the long bright days, the warmer Sun, the time outdoors... I can not even wait to wear my sandals and to be honest, today I was thinking about it as the day has been glorious, sunny and quite warm, a real pleasure being outside and with the time changed and the days going longer in light.....delightful.

So here is my last week of March, explained in a few photos.

This was the most important day of my week, my little girl turning 2 years old.

A touch of Spring in my favourite colour.

This has been my this week crochet project.

My two loves.

Today was Mother's Day and this was my present from my little girl, how cuteeeee!!!

Well this has been a bit of my week, a little bit of my life shared with you all out there.
Hope you have enjoyed it reading it as much as  me doing it.

So, wherever you are always try and be happy please.

Have a terrific week!
See you all soon!


Lluisa xx

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Hi to everyone!! hope all of you are doing well. 
I just want to share my CMB 2014 week with you and show my progress. 

This is my week in squares

This is how my blanket is looking, I am very proud I really like it.
I haven't joined the last seven squares, I will in the next few days.

This is it for today, wishing you all a nice week. Hope the weather is quite nice wherever you are. Here it has been nice for a couple of days, today it's not great so, a bit of patience :)

See you soon!

Lluisa xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014


This morning my little fairy called me to make me know she was awake. How much I love those cheeks in the morning, I feel kissing them until she is a grown up!! hahaha....
It's these kind of things that makes me start the day with a smile on my face.
And when she runs towards me with a bunch of little flowers on her little hand...there is no words, it's just that feeling that you think is gonna make your heart jump out of your chest.

And is in this kind of situations when my soul speaks the truth. Is when all my words, my actions and my everything become pure love, making me think that this is what life is all about. 
And my reality becomes simple, easy and magic. The smell of a rose becomes pure poetry and the colour of the Sunset brings tears to my eyes.
And I feel myself connected with everything, people, animals, trees flowers, then I am my soul and I speak the truth.

Hope all of you are doing ok and enjoying whatever you are doing.

Be very happy!!
See you all soon!


Lluisa xx

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Hi everyone!! How are you doing lovely people? Hope everything is fine with you.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day so, we decided to have a ride around and enjoy our Monday. We went through the Exmoor narrow roads and the view was more than beautiful. I couldn't resist to take some photos to these nice fellas just to caught how relaxed they were with the car's presence.

When we came back the Sun was still bright so we were able to chill out for a bit outside and this little fairy enjoyed herself out running around with sunglasses, what a funny little girl!!

hahahaha.....she is so funny lol!!

And it was when the day was nearly off and the little fairy in bed traveling around dreamland that I went to the sofa made myself comfortable and I finished my week number 10 of Crochet Mood blanket 2014 squares.

Today is Tuesday 11:45 am and the sun hasn't come out yet, hope it does some point during the day, if not... I will miss him a lot.

I am really into this lovely project but, I feel that it's time to introduce something different while I am crocheting the squares...maybe a bag for myself?? We'll see I have planned to visit the yarn shop today so, I will let you know.

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are.
Be very happy!


See you soon!

Lluisa xx

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Hi everybody!! Hope all you are doing really well and enjoying the nice weather.
Around here it feels like Spring has arrived and it makes me soooo happy to enjoy the Sun, the fresh air and being outdoors.

Yesterday evening after a wonderful sunny day and the visit of a lovely friend, I decided to make some spelt bread, it was the first time I tried it with spelt and to be honest, I was quite happy with the result.

It was really nice bread, we enjoyed it so much and soon was all gone.

I have a recipe for banana bread, maybe one of these days I will try it and see what happen.
For today this is all, now I am gonna try and relax because I have headache and I am feeling really tired so, hope all you have had a great weekend wherever you are and don't forget to be happy.

See you soon! 

Lluisa xx

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Hi to everybody!!!! Hope all of you are doing well. It has been a bit of a long time since last time but, I have been a bit busy and though we are not settle yet we have changed our camp base.

This is where we are living at the minute while we are looking for the property we need.

It is a quite place at Somerset, not so far from Wells and Glastonbury and it makes me very happy being able to go to Glastonbury so often as it is a place that I really like, I couldn't live in there but I definitely love spending time around.
So though I am really looking forward to find our place and be settle, I am really enjoying this moment.
I will think about doing a post all about Glastonbury, we'll see...

But while enjoying I haven't forgotten my CMB 2014 project at all  and though some days I have need to rush to be able to crochet the 7 squares, I have done it!!

This was my ninth week so far

Week tenth..

This are almost all my squares joined. To be honest, I am quite proud how my blanket is looking.

Well this is more or less all. Hope I can find more time to be around here with more news about all the bits of my life, until then take care and be very happy.

See you soon!

Lluisa xx


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