Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Hi to everybody!!!! Hope all of you are doing well. It has been a bit of a long time since last time but, I have been a bit busy and though we are not settle yet we have changed our camp base.

This is where we are living at the minute while we are looking for the property we need.

It is a quite place at Somerset, not so far from Wells and Glastonbury and it makes me very happy being able to go to Glastonbury so often as it is a place that I really like, I couldn't live in there but I definitely love spending time around.
So though I am really looking forward to find our place and be settle, I am really enjoying this moment.
I will think about doing a post all about Glastonbury, we'll see...

But while enjoying I haven't forgotten my CMB 2014 project at all  and though some days I have need to rush to be able to crochet the 7 squares, I have done it!!

This was my ninth week so far

Week tenth..

This are almost all my squares joined. To be honest, I am quite proud how my blanket is looking.

Well this is more or less all. Hope I can find more time to be around here with more news about all the bits of my life, until then take care and be very happy.

See you soon!

Lluisa xx


  1. Your squares are looking great all joined together and I hope you get settled soon!

  2. Pretty squares which will make such a lovely blanket!
    Marianne x



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