Sunday, 19 January 2014


Hi everyone!! How has your weekend been?
Here has been a nice and relaxed one. Saturday we was most of the time resting and relaxing around, but today we have spent a bit of more time out, enjoying the nice and sunny day.

To start the day, we have gone to have some breakfast out to a place which has this lovely play ground for children, to let Ilianna enjoy for a bit. The weather was nice and not cold at all so, perfect for a playtime outdoors.

She has really enjoyed a lot, everyday she is more independent needing our help less and less.

After running around jumping in moody poodles she has decided that it was enough, then daddy's turn to push the pram.

I like to catch the beauty of the trees in all its forms and I really like the way the branches looks in Winter.
What the dampness can create

This has been our morning, then after a bit of a rest we have decided to have a ride around the Lancashire Moors
Wonderful land

Well and that has been my weekend so far, of course in between I have had some lovely yarn time, I have finished my crochet cowl as I posted on my last post.
Hope your weekend has been a lovely one.
I will be around next Tuesday with my Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 post. Until then, be very happy and take care.


Lluisa xx


  1. So nice to get outdoors when you can. looks like a fab park x

    1. Yes, it really is nice being outdoors and more when is a beautiful sunny day :)
      Have a nice week!!

      Many thanks for your comment

      Lluisa x



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