Monday, 30 December 2013


Hi to everyone, hope all of you are having a fantastic time, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
2013 is about to end and what a year...It has been a lot of movements in my life. Everything has been about going, coming, looking for, discovering new places that sometimes are not at all what you was expecting...I have enjoyed it, don't get me wrong...but now I just need to settle down and relax. I need, with my man and my baby girl find that special place and just rest, enjoy and breath.
I know we will find it, I don't even doubt about it, sometimes I just lose my patience and want everything right now...though I know that everything happens in the right moment.

I would like to share some images from my 2013.
Hope you enjoy them.
My baby girl first birthday
Starting looking
and with the first heat, we dicovered the playground..
celebrating the beginnings of all the movements..
at the beach
my birthday
yes mommy made it for me...
back to the UK

Those are a few images about my year, there is hundreds more. Special moments, persons and situations that I would like to take with me to the new year 2014 and another ones, that I just want to leave behind. We will see how it goes this new year. By now I just want to wish you all, a very happy 2014 full of Love, Light and Peace.

My best wishes
Be Happy
See you all soon!

Lluisa xx

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Hi to everyone, hope you all are having a lovely time enjoying the Holidays.
I am just doing a quick visit here to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014.

I hope that all your dreams become true. Love, Peace and Light for all of you and your beloved ones.

See you soon!!

Be Happy :)

Lluisa xx

Thursday, 12 December 2013

New blog name

Hi to everyone!!
Hope you all are doing ok. I have been thinking for several days and finally, I have changed my blog's name.

As lately I have been sharing different things about my life, I thought that the name Spinning Yarn was maybe very exclusive for yarn stuff and to be honest, I love sharing lots of different things with you.
That's why I thought BITS OF MY DAYS it's the perfect name for the kind of blog I want to share.
Hope you all keep here with me.
I will keep sharing yarn stuff, as bits of my days in different ways.

My best wishes for all of you.

                                        BE HAPPY!!
                                        See you soon!


Lluisa xx

Sunday, 1 December 2013


Hi to everybody, hope all of you are doing well.
Today is the first of December, I like to think about Christmas when December arrives, before that, I think it's just too much. I have seen shops advertising Christmas food and presents since de beginnings of October. For me is too commercial and spoils the truly spirit of Christmas.

Well today I just wanted to share a bit of my last yarn stuff. I am knitting a leg warmers, normally I am a crochet person, but for these project I decided to try knitting I am :)

This is just the beginning of my knitting work, I hope to be able and share with you all the whole project ended soon, which to be honest it's not gonna be easy thing with the mess around me so....I will do my best lol

Changing subject, today after our little walk this morning, we have found a little Farmers Market which has change our routine and has add some Christmassy energy to our moment. 

I am sorry by the blurred photo, but you can still appreciate the Christmas wreath

Can you appreciate the Christmas wall hanging behind? I just love it

Well that's all for today, hope all of you are having a lovely Sunday. I will come back as soon as possible.



Lluisa xx


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