Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lovely England

Hi my lovely folks!! Hope everything's fine with you all.

As most of you know I love this season and being back in England has been a pleasure for my senses. But England always is a pleasure for me. Though I wasn't born here, the first time when  I arrived I felt just comfortable and familiar, as if I would have been here since always.
But let me go back to what I was talking about: Autumn, I can not be tired of this season, it's colours, smells...everything. And here in England I have found just what I was needing, so let me share with you, a few photos that I have been taken, while walking with my lovely man and our little girl, oh and don't forget Iona! our lovely dog :)

I just love the bright red on this leaf

Lovely little mushrooms...

Lovely walks..

Still some green, but soon changing..

Well, this is just a little bit of it, I will be posting more soon, I need to sorted more photos out. Maybe I will share some yarn moments as well, as I have bought some lovely wool.
I will let you know what the plans are; by now we're thinking about  heading to Ireland next week, there is some news, I will let you know about it at the right time, maybe the next post? places, new landscape, new beginnings...who knows...

By now just wishing all the best for you all!
Have a lovely time and never stop following your heart, for it is the one to lead you to your truth.

Much love
Lluisa xx 


  1. Lovely post and photos, Lluisa. I'm so glad you're back where you feel most at home.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, yes I feel very well and relax here.

      Have a nice day darling!!


  2. Such loveliness happening in your part of the world! I too love everything about autumn! It is wonderful that you feel so at peace where you are! Have a great trip!

  3. Many thanks!!
    Yes, I think when you follow your heart, your path become so peaceful :)

    Have a nice day!!


  4. Lovely and vivid photos! I love the colors! Some photos from Ireland would be interesting , too!

    1. Yes definitely, I will post some, I just arrived in Ireland yesterday so....very soon some Irish post will come ;)

      Thanks for your comments!

      Lluisa x



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