Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pure love...

Hi to everybody!

Normally I talk about crochet, yarn, wool......but today I would like to share with you all a few pics of my precious, lovely....she is my life, my everything...she is my daughter :)

"Hi everybody!"

Through my life I have read books about unconditional love and how important it would be to feel it for everything and everybody....but the first time I saw her face I knew what unconditional was... it's a really big love the one you feel for your children, isn't it?

Wishing you all a blessed time :)

See you soon!

Lluisa x


  1. This little fairy, despite her age, teached me a few important things.

    When I was making the drawing, I had to connect with her inner essence. Do you know what I mean? her features, her eyes, her smile...I had to analize them before (and meanwhile) drawing them down. I put love and effort on every single trace. Thanks her, I learnt about other arts: the art of patience and the art of respect for the little ones. And, when I finished her portrait, I felt she was so familiar to me that I had put a part of myself in that drawing and, at the same time, a part of her was going to remain within me forever.
    Some say "the master comes when the student is ready". This girl, without knowing it, teached me an important lesson: she unlocked my fear of loving children.
    Just because of this, I'm gonna be grateful to her for ages.
    I'm willing to see her grow up, maybe not so frequently as I'd like ...but I'm pretty sure she's gonna be such a lovely child and (wihout any doubt) a wise woman. She's sooo gorgeous!!! :D

  2. Many thanks for your words, thanks for being able to see beyond the baby and see the human being who she is.

    Lots of love!!

    Lluisa&Ilianna xxxxx



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