Saturday, 19 January 2013


Hi everybody!

There are moments in life when you realize how the small things are the most important things and I think that if everybody for a minute considered that, life could be so so easy and peaceful.

Three days ago, while my partner and my little baby were still sleeping, I got up thinking about a new crochet project, a granny square handbag that a friend of mine has asked to make for her.
And while I was thinking about the wool that I needed I realized the beautiful color in the sky, it was like if the sky was on fire.
What a beautiful view just there out of my window, for free, you know what I mean??
Sometimes the most beautiful things in life don't cost any money, they are just there.
Can you see them?

At the end of the day I had my wool, and that was the first granny square.
I will post more photos to let you know about this project.

You have a nice time,
See you soon!

Lluisa X


  1. It's such a wonderful experience when you wake up with a project in your mind, as if the Muses have been whispering to your ear while you were sleeping :)
    And that sky is simply stunning! It makes me wish I woke up early more often...

    I agree with you: the most beautiful things in life are free! And, sometimes,we forget it. Then we need someone to remind us about it...thanks for doing that, honey.


  2. It has been a pleasure.

    Thank you for your comment :)

    Lluisa xx



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