Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hi everybody!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. 
Today I have been searching online for articles related to Knitting or crochet, because lately I have been hearing in different places and from different people that knitting and crochet are coming back, that many women are back to working with needles and yarn. 

We've all heard recently that Knitting is the New Yoga. Many of us have returned or are new to knitting, seeking out this pastime as the antidote to our stressful workaholic lives. The technology of today although responsible for all this is also our means to a knitting detoxification. The yarns we have to choose from nowadays are lush in textures and available in a profusion of colours, patterns inspire us....

I am so so happy that the art of the needles is back, for a few years when I was a very young girl, I used to keep it a secret that I was knitting or crocheting because I was afraid that my friends was gonna laugh at me, or call me an old fashion girl.....

Yes, because any time is knitting time (or crochet) if you fancy, if you want, if you enjoy it....just do it!!

Wishing you all a great time, and happy needles time!!

See you soon!


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