Thursday, 15 November 2018


In modern days some might laugh and make fun out of the idea of the domestic aspect of life.
Yes, that side where we find laundry, dishes to wash and a few other  things that usually come with a negative connotation, due I think the way it was a few years back. And don't get me wrong, I do understand it because it was for so many, many years that domestic chores were only linked to you if you were a woman, a man wouldn't even dream of getting involve in it, and not always in a lack of interest but because people would laugh and make fun out of them. 
So that would only be your reality if you was a woman, with not much more to do or to say out of it.

Women were mostly seen as another piece of nice furniture and it was their priority to serve their husbands and look "pretty"for them so they could be more attentive to them, and so proud of the good wife they have married into. ..
And some women were extremely happy and content with their reality, which in my opinion isn't that bad if it was their choice, because we all are here to create our perfect life and if for some that was it, is not up to me to judge it.
But a lot had to change because for some other women that same reality was an everyday nightmare. .. a real prison.

But as often happens, we tend to think that if something has to change it is because everything about it is negative.
And in this particular case wasn't really that way because at the end of the day we all have to have somewhere half decent to live, we  wanna create a cozy space that make us feel safe and comfortable.
And I think as well that the place where you live in has to be taken care of, as it is a reflection of your inner being.
A place which we can call it HOME. .. a place where we can live with our family, on our own or whatever it is. ..

So to me the only thing that needed to be changed or broken was the link between household and domestic chores and women.
And of course the main aspect to be erased was the image of women as simple furniture, without too much or often nothing to say in society.
And I think we have reached that point, as nowadays women are not only allowed indoors having no rights. .. Now we can do anything we want, we have more freedom.
So my thoughts or feelings on this fact is, that if we are free to do whatever we want not only by being women or men but just human beings, wanting to take care of the place where we live should be a choice that comes without labels.
The way we choose to live it's something personal and a reflection of who we are, not comparable to any other.

I personally love knitting and crochet and although I know that these are things that at the moment are quite trendy, I remember being a teenager and not daring to share it with some of my friends  because I knew they would laugh at me.


Hanging laundry it's one of my favourite things to do within the domestic label.
I love taking my time and following an order on how to hang it.
Sometimes I feel like I go into a meditative state of mind when I am doing it.

So yes, I do love creating a beautiful space for me and my family.
I like taking care of the place where we live, I like too to buy nice cups, tea pots and much more. ..
I don't like at all doing the washing up, I hate dusting. ..
I am not always inspired to cook, the main person doing that here at home is my partner, he is an amazing cook.
We love taking care of each other at home and we don't label any chores by sexuality, we just do what needs to be done and if isn't done that day it can be done next by whoever does it.

Well, this was a little thought that was in my head today and I just wanted to share it, to put it out of my head and see how it feels or how it looks. .. hope I have explained myself clear enough and you can understand and hope that you like it, or not. .. it's up to you 😉

See you soon!

Lluisa xoxo


  1. I enjoyed reading this very much Lluisa. You make some very good points :)

  2. Great food for thought! I find if I do the little things that are necessary for our house to be a home mindfully it changes my whole perspective. Also finding gratitude - pretty amazing to have a good over our head, children to care for and food to cook nourishing meals. You've got me thinking! Hope you are great Luisa x



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