Friday, 20 March 2015


Happy Spring Equinox or Ostara to everyone!

The eclipse at its peak

We had a really Spring day today so we decided to celebrate with some drumming

Nothing better than walk barefoot feeling the connection with Mother Earth

And some more drumming. ...

Today besides being the Spring equinox it was a Solar eclipse and a super new Moon, wow!
Could you feel the powerful energy?
Because I certainly did. First of all, I woke up a lot earlier than I normally do and coulden't get back to sleep at all.

Today it is good to be aware and focus in our dreams, in all what we have been wanting in our lives.
It is a good moment for new beginnings, to take risk and believe that eveything it will work out well. .. FAITH

As the photos show, we were kind of in a celebration mood, but how not to be? it was sunny, warm, Spring it's at last here so. ... what else do you need for a bit of drumming and dancing around barefoot? 

What about you? are you celebrating somehow the beginnings of this new season?

Whatever you are doing or not doing I just want you to be. ..

Very happy!!!

See you all soon!


Lluisa xoxo


  1. Gosh spring looks lovely in your neck of the woods. Thank you for sharing the photo of the eclipse, just beautiful.

    Happy spring!

  2. Ah I love coming here to your space! You always make me feel so happy and inspired! And your celebration photos are awesome! Long ago I drummed with my friends in circles....I should pull one out too! Happy spring to you too dear friend and you are so right....go after those dreams! Nicole xoxo

    1. Hi Nicole!! I would love to see one of the photos with you drumming.
      It is always a pleasure hearing from you :)

      Have a lovely weekend!

      Lluisa xoxo

  3. It sounds and looks like a great way to herald the arrival of spring. We are hoping to celebrate with friends at forest school next week. Lovely pictures. :)

    1. Yes we did enjoy that day :)
      Hope your celebration was a good one, thanks for your comment!!

      Lluisa xoxo



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