Friday, 28 November 2014


Hi there!

Today  I was having a nice time while Ilianna and Andy went with Iona our dog for a walk.
I was planning a meditation while taking advantage of my solitude, something that living in a caravan is not always  possible.
So yes, planning those couple of hours on my own I have noticed that my period was coming, my Moon time, something by the way, that I have been  noticing along the day due to my mood and more introverted personality.

So, I have put some relaxing and calming music on youtube, burned some incense and just sat on my meditation cushion for a bit. ..

I think it is very important as far as you can, to make that connection with your blood, so if you can, the very first moment your blood is due, sit and connect with your uterus and you then, will be able to clean the emotional issue that needs to be cleaned. try and relax all your body, take a few deep and nice breaths and let it go!

While on my Moon time I always feel much more introverted, forgetful but with more clear intuition.
My body asks for more rest and relaxing time and my meditations are much more deep, it feels like the veils between worlds become thinner during these days.

How do you feel during your Moon time? It feels like something annoying rather than a blessed time?
Are you aware of your blood?

I find it so fascinating, that connection with my body, my uterus. .. it gives me the feeling of sisterhood, on those days I always feel more open to be around other women, maybe that's why I am sharing it here today, so if you wanna share. .. just feel free and relaxed about it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

See you all very soon!


Lluisa xx

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