Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Hi there!! Hope all of you are really well.
At the moment I am in Ireland on our journey to the perfect place for us to live. First was England and Wales, now is Ireland.
Which it could be the one, but we will see, because it's a big decision  and it's not enough for a place to live just a nice landscape, at least in my case, I really need to connect with the land.
What about you?
Are you living in your home town, or at some point in your life and for whatever reason, you moved to a new place?

What can I say? It's beautiful, the landscape it's just stunning and even breathtaking, some of the places I have seen. The people are very pleasant, well the most of them at least. They can make you feel really comfortable even if you don't understand the way they talk hehe.... What happen is that, as most of you know I am from Catalonia (Spain) and english it's not my mother tongue, so some of the english accents are really hard for me and some parts of Ireland, what can I say? I don't know the way they speak!!! hahaha...
Anyway I am not gonna bore you more, what I am gonna do is share some of the bits that I have catch with my camera. Hope you enjoy.

I have more photos, but I need to sort them out then, I will do the second part of our journey around Ireland.

Wishing you all a great week.

"May the Sun bring you 
new energy by day"

 See you soon!!

Lluisa xx


Sunday, 20 October 2013

Lovely England

Hi my lovely folks!! Hope everything's fine with you all.

As most of you know I love this season and being back in England has been a pleasure for my senses. But England always is a pleasure for me. Though I wasn't born here, the first time when  I arrived I felt just comfortable and familiar, as if I would have been here since always.
But let me go back to what I was talking about: Autumn, I can not be tired of this season, it's colours, smells...everything. And here in England I have found just what I was needing, so let me share with you, a few photos that I have been taken, while walking with my lovely man and our little girl, oh and don't forget Iona! our lovely dog :)

I just love the bright red on this leaf

Lovely little mushrooms...

Lovely walks..

Still some green, but soon changing..

Well, this is just a little bit of it, I will be posting more soon, I need to sorted more photos out. Maybe I will share some yarn moments as well, as I have bought some lovely wool.
I will let you know what the plans are; by now we're thinking about  heading to Ireland next week, there is some news, I will let you know about it at the right time, maybe the next post? so...new places, new landscape, new beginnings...who knows...

By now just wishing all the best for you all!
Have a lovely time and never stop following your heart, for it is the one to lead you to your truth.

Much love
Lluisa xx 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Crochet hat

Hi there! 
Hope everybody is doing ok.

What is on your hook or needles going on?? Is there some, cowls, scarves or shawls for the first cold of the  season that we are just starting??

I have been crocheting a hat for my little girl, with the same colors as a used for the poncho ( you can see it at my last post)

I have made this hat with the Front post double crochet and Back post double crochet.
To be honest it was a bit hard at first, I really struggled with the 4 first rows to be exact, but after that it was very easy and amusing to do.

And this is the result. I think it has turned out very well, very proud of it hehe.... I am definitely going to  make another one for mr. A in his favorite color, green. I will post  about that one too.

At the moment that was my last crochet work, a hat for my little girl who by the way, doesn't keep absolutely nothing on her head. It's gonna be funny to try the hat on hahaha....

And now I would like to thank to all the nice ladies from some of the blogs that I follow for posting all about the Yarndale event of the last weekend at Skipton (North of Yorkshire) You can find what about here.
Because for me was impossible to be there as I am not in the UK, it was so lovely to see all your photos, all those colors, yarns, people....everything was so lovely and reading all the words that you all have used to describe the way you have experienced the event, has made me feel as if I was there.

Many thanks to you all!

See you all soon lovely fellow!!

Lluisa xx


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