Sunday, 25 August 2013

Long time...

Hi there!!
How are you all?? Hope you all are having a beautiful summer.
Mine is being a bit stressful. By now, I thought everything was going to be done (the moving thing) but it's not!!!!!! oh my god, what a summer. Not much time for crochet or enjoy looking for new patterns or projects, so I wasn't really motivated to come here, to my blog and start moaning about things.
But today I just felt it was time to come  and at least share what is going on.

And to be honest, not everything has been stressful at all. It was my birthday and Andy made a really special and nice day for me and some other days we have really spend some nice time, specially with Ilianna, who is growing so fast. 
I am gonna share a few pics with you to show you a few moments of my summer.

Lovely moments with good friends

Hot days at home...

...and hot days outdoors

Growing soooo fast!!

Got you daddy!!

My birthday

Well, I am determined to post more often, if is not about yarn or crochet, at least about what is going on in my life, just to let you know.

Hope you really are having a lovely summer.
See you soon!


Lluisa xxx


  1. Gorgeous photos and a happy belated birthday! Xx

  2. Thank you very much!!

    Have a lovely day

    Lluisa xx



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