Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hi again

Hi there!!!
Wow! It has been ages since the last time I posted something.

The truth is that I am between a change time, I am moving back to England as I said before, and we still undoing things in Catalonia and trying to find that place in England, so...

I am in Catalonia right now, but I have been in England almost all May. We have been looking around but we have also enjoyed the time there.

Here daddy pushing the new pram through the green fields

I love taking photos to the trees :)

Best friends :)

This was a stunning day at Beddgelert, wonderful place by the way

Bolton Abbey, really beautiful place

We went to vistit this Shire Horses farm and I felt in love with this mum and baby.

My baby running through the fields...

It has been a wonderful time, but now I am back to Catalonia and I am really busy between Catalonia and England's things so, I haven't been crocheting at all and I do miss it, hope soon I can go back to normal and all the things are at the right place because now everything's a bit of a mess hehe.....

See you soon and hope all you are having a great time!

Much love



  1. L'altre dia pensava en com estaria anant-vos la mudança... Ànim, que segur que ja queda menys per a poder tornar al crochet!

  2. Ei hola!!
    Ostres jo no li veig el final hehehe....ja en tinc ganes ja de normalitat :)

    Lluisa xx

  3. ¡Ya queda poquito Lluisa! Mucho ánimo, qué bien se lo va a pasar la nenita correteando por esos prados ^_^

    Un beso,




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