100% cotton

Hi everybody!!

Hope you all are having a great time. We are already in February!! Seems like the time just flies.

A couple of months ago we went to England to spend some time and I found this yarn in a second hand market,the yarn was brand new and I just felt in love with the purple tones.

I wanted to try and make something not very big just to try the yarn and I really fancied something with granny squares, so... I started...

Is not the most easy yarn to work with, as you can see in the photo it goes all frayed.

But as I was working I decided to do something for a small table that I have in the hallway.

And this is the result of my work finished.

And this other photo is all together ended.

I think it looks really nice on my table :)

Hope you all have a nice day

See you soon!

Lluisa x


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