Friday, 23 January 2015


Hi to everyone!
Hope everything is ok with you. 
I am just doing a quick post to let you know that I am still here. 
I cannot post as often because I am still in Catalonia and I don't always have access to internet.

But yes, I am still here and as soon as I am back in the UK I will be more regular.

One week ago my love and I decided that he was gonna do the journey back to the UK and I would still be here in Catalonia for a few days and then fly back to UK.

So at the moment and until the last weekend of January Ilianna and myself will stay in Catalonia, enjoying family and friends.

Hope everything is ok with you!


See you all very soon!
Be very happy!


Lluisa xx

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Hi everyone!!
How was your holidays?
Hope you had a magic and merry time.

These are some images from the last December  I would like to share with you.
Just bits of our daily basis.

As I have been reading in some of the blogs I follow, some of you are choosing a word for this new year to work on. So well, after thinking about it my word is gonna be "healing" because as we grow as a human beings we need to heal our different bodies in order to be closer to our soul and the source of our true being.

What is your word for this new year?
Let me know if you would like leaving a comment below.

So, until the next time this is all for today.
Be very happy!


See you all soon!

Lluisa xx


There is millions of words written about love and so many different ways to love and be loved. .. so I am not gonna write about love,...