Friday, 27 September 2013


Hi there!!
Hope you all are having a nice time and a good beginning of Autumn. I don't know about you, but I do love Autumn, the colors on this season, the smells... I don't know, there is something special about it. 

After Summer and all the time outdoors, now with the temperatures going down a bit more everyday  and the days getting a bit shorter too, you feel like going for a morning walks to the woods and cozy afternoons/evenings indoors, maybe grabbing some yarn and starting some crochet projects.
And that's what I did a few days ago and....

I made this little poncho for my little girl, is really easy to make  but at the same time enjoyable.
She is not used to wear it so first, we are gonna need some time to practice hehe....

She looks beautiful, I know I am her mum...but I can't help it beautiful little girl...

Anyway, this has been my first crochet Autumn project, more it will be coming soon, by now, what about you, any Autumnal crochet projects??
How are you enjoying the first days of this new season??

I will be glad to hear from you, by now.....Have a great weekend!

See you soon!

Lluisa xx


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